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From Sofia with love

On my trip in Sofia last September I stumbled across an art supply store, that sold really simple, beautiful and affordable notebooks. I get really inspired by notebooks, and I had just filled my previous notebook, with pages full of improv notes from the workshops at Sofia improv festival, so it was time for a couple of new notebooks. I decided to make one of them an art journal, focusing on the topic of love. During the last year and a half I have often been wondering about the topic of love: What does it mean to be in love? What is attraction? Why can't I fall in love? How do I find a person to fall in love with? I have been pondering about love a lot and during my trip to Sofia I had a couple of experiences that made me think about the topic further. 

The first one was a very strong feeling of connection that happened during an improvisation exercise. In general I love how improv allows us to feel and to connect to other people emotionally. The fact that I can feel something in…

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